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Zukie's are mysterious creatures that do not talk. They communicate with thought bubbles and facial expressions. Zukies intend to generate emotions through their visual thoughts. A few fun facts about Zukie are that they are born with no gender. They also come from decaying substance that has been developed over years, which creates an egg. Zukies throw up rainbows, farts rainbows, and even poop rainbows. Alison Matute, aka Mrs. Zukie, is a contemporary artist & Muralist from NYC and the creator and designer of the Zukie character. Mrs. Zukie has participated in art shows and charity events worldwide. She also travels to events like NYCC and Dcon to show case her work and to meet the fan base. Mrs. Zukie started drawing at the age of 5 and since then never put down her pencil. Mrs. Zukie attended C.W Post University and received her BFA.  Her goal is to spread Zukie's love all around the world!


Upcoming Events

  • ZUkIEs in Japan!
    ZUkIEs in Japan!
    Apr 09, 5:00 PM – May 01, 7:00 PM
    Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    I am excited to announce my first international show at Megumi Ogita Galkery in Japan In this exhibition, 14 acrylic paintings and 4 small 3D works will be on display. We hope you enjoy the striking world of growing Zukies. Mrs. Zukie’s solo exhibition "Zukies in Japan" will also be on our website


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